Winkeler & Associates is your go-to resource in the real estate industry for developing solutions to complex problems. Real estate is complex, but they have a perfect solution for their clients. Joseph Winkeler leads Winkeler & Associates and utilizes his years of experience in this sector. They help a lot of people to make a profit from the real estate business. They create a road map to achieve your objective with an emphasis on explanation on how to solve the problem.

Getting Started

Well, we start from the beginning. First of all, we collect every minor detail related to the brand. Also, we analyze the present competitors to get a clear vision of the industry. Then we decide that the letter logo would be great for this brand. After brainstorming we start sketching as much concept as we think. Then we finalize these three marks to give the client.

Sinking into it

After client feedback, we finalize our mark. With this type of modern mark, we need a suitable typeface. Our first priority was Gotham font family because this typeface has a modern feel with some exciting finishing. We combine the mark, brand name, and tagline. After that, we select a light golden type color to give it the luxury feel.