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Exclusive Logos Include

Exclusive Rules

Exclusive logos are for a one-time sale. If you purchase a singular one, it will go. It offers lifetime authenticity for you. That means you are the owner of the logo and copyright license. I provide only exclusive logos for businesses. So you can use this logo in your own direction.

Free Customization

This offer only for exclusive logos. My premade logos are directly ready for use. Just need to add your own business name. You can freely change the brand color, font and resize it without any harassment. I will offer free customization & deliver it one day.

Editable EPS + HD Image

I regularly add business-wise additional file types in the downloadable folder. After buying a logo, you will get a folder & get editable EPs files and transparent PNG files for use. If you require additional, more file formats, it takes 24 hours for delivery. You don’t need to pay for this silly change.


Here I have prepared exclusive logo template for one time sale. After purchasing a logo the logo will go. No one can’t buy the logo and I’ll turn the logo with a sold badge.

You just buy a logo if you have a choice. I provide you the copyright license. You also able to order a logo design for custom. This time you also get the license also.

Click the buy now button any of the logos. Then go to view cart and click the process to check out. After payment, you will get a downloadable folder with a customizable file on it.

You need to add your business name and tagline. If you aren’t able to customize, just let me know, I will help you fix it.

There are no hidden fees at all. We work on a project basis. All tax and other fees are included in this system.

We accept most of the payment methods out there including credit card, paypal, stripe and more.

Yes. You can sign a long term contract with me. Just send us a letter with your requirement.

Not hard at all. We are happy to refund if we are not able to give you service according to your requirements. Remember you have unlimited revision in most of the packages. So you can modify the order until you get the perfect output.

My business hours are depending on the region you are located in. But we follow the US time zone.

I’m very very serious about the deadline.

You can submit an unlimited number of orders at a time. Your dedicated Project Manager will review them, to ensure we have all the details required, and then assign them to your design team.

You can make an order request through the order page. You can also email at if you have anything to discuss with us.

I’ve experienced working in all kinds of industries. But here I work for the top industry in the world now like  Crypto, Letter, real estate, shopping, animal, medical, TEC, food, nature etc. 

It’s a sketch. I love doing sketches for a new company. Regularly, I use pencil and paper to narrow down the logo design concept.

Text me a short message about your needs. I will help you find out the best package for you

I add to deliver an editable source file for your design. Often I deliver JPG, PNG, files. However, if you require a different file format let me know, I will be able to deliver any type of file format for you.

Never. When it is time to take some rest, I often send a reminder to my clients.

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