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We are very pleased to work with Real Estate, the world’s top-notched industry. This industry grabs our heart because of the personality of the business of real estate development companies, real estate brokers real estate agents etc. We are feeling very happy to provide value to our client. Let’s see what our clients are saying.

Dedicated Service

We will assign you a dedicated project manager and one, two or three designers according to your project requirement.

Custom Design

We know that every brand should have a unique brand identity. That’s why we take every step very seriously. 

Value Added Service

Our designers spend hours and hours to get the perfect design that adds value to your brand.

We Never Forget You

We are always providing lifetime support.We’re ready to support you if you are not our customer. 

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We have our own guidelines to follow. Every time we follow the guidelines to get an outstanding result for our customers.

Submit Request – Please consider some time to give us a detailed project description. Don’t hesitate to put any kind of information that you think would help us in our creative process.

Delivery, Feedback & Revisions – We’ll deliver your project on time. Please send your valuable feedback to us. We’ll give you revisions until you approve it.

Approved & Be Happy – Get your dream design & be happy.


It’s time to deliver your thinking to us. Now join us with a cup of coffee.


We research your industry and competitors. 


We collect a lot of info and make a strong strategy for your brand.


We sketch a ton of variation to get the perfect idea for your brand.


We follow design fundamentals to achieve the timeless result.


We deliver our client projects on time with all files

We Provide

Logo Design

Brand Guideline


Social Media Kit

Logo Animation

Interior Design

Exterior Design 

Mobile Apps

Web Page 


Landing Page 

Product Design


Logo Animation


Company Profile 


Advertising Videos

Explainer Video



We are a team of creative graphic designers. We like to work all over the world. Last year we got an award from creative institute and design.

Graphics Design










Tistio is a creative agency. It's come from the English word artist and Italian word io. The Io word means me. So Tistio means I am an artist. We provide digital products that turn to focus on client success. We make sure that every type of company/business should get creative work according to their budget.



Customers are the impulse of our business. We make sure that they get the best possible result.



We help a number of startups to grow their business. Make their customer loyal.



Regardless of the industry, you work in, you can’t deny that the corporate world is growing…

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Frequently Asked Questions?

TISTIO is an award winning design agency in Bangladesh. We have a team of talented designers, artists and animators.

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Animation 
  • UI design

There are no hidden fees at all. We work on a project basis. All tax and other fees are included in this system.

We accept most of the payment methods out there including credit card, paypal, stripe and more.

Yes. You can sign a long term contract with tistio. Just send us a letter with your requirement.

Not hard at all. We are happy to refund if we are not able to give you service according to your requirements. Remember you have unlimited revision in most of the packages. So you can modify the order until you get the perfect output.

Tistio’s headquarter is in Dhaka, Bangladesh.But we maintain us time to give you the best comfortable service. We have more than ten creative people in our team including artists, designers, animator, project manager, marketer. We are also planning to expand our business as soon as we can.

Tistio’s business hours are depending on the region you are located in. But we follow the US time zone.

We are also very serious about the deadline. Never ever we forgot to submit the projects on time.

You can submit an unlimited number of orders at a time. Your dedicated Project Manager will review them, to ensure we have all the details required, and then assign them to your design team.

Tistio’s full designer team works on your order, who specialize in different types of design.

You can make an order request through the order page. You can also email at hello@tistio.com if you have anything to discuss with us.

An unlimited number. We’re happy to help you with as many designs as you need.

Tistio team will take care of your design, from scratch to the final product. And all the revisions you need. Just let them know the details of the revisions required.

We are not copycats. We do not use any stock pre template in our design.

Yes. If you would like to resell any of these designs that Tistio team created for you. You can resell these designs but we make sure that you take the license from us.

You have the full right. We provide copyright certificates for our designs. 

  • Email the details of your request to hello@tistio.com
  • Please provide us with as much details as you can.
  • Attach reference photo, doc and other assets you want to include.

  • Search the product you want
  • Click buy now button
  • Complete the payment
  • You are done!

  • We sell products exclusively and non-exclusively both. See the product description to know about more.
  • Exclusive licence means if you buy it only you can use it. We will provide you a copyright certificate for that. Non Exclusive license means anyone can buy it and use it. Multiple people can use it.

  • Will receive various file formats depending on which product you want to buy.
  • In maximus cases we provide source vector/psd, high quality jp, transparent png file and print ready pdf files.
  • You can always request us any file format you need.

  • For some templates we offer free customization like logos. For some templates it can cost some dollars like ui template, illustration etc.
  • Feel free to reach us with your query